Frame By Frame EXTRA – Episode 24 – The Amityville Horror, The Innocents & Borderlands

FRAMEBLOG_sr6 This was the first time we spoke way back in 2011, and we ended up collaborating together on writing projects in 2012. In this interview, I talked to Andy – then one of the co creators of Manchester Haunted – about his encounters and the state as it was for paranormal investigations, scientific and otherwise.

It is hard to believe that at this time, we would not have written a feature screenplay together, let alone broken into a dozen chicken hutches and stolen shit loads of eggs…

Oh wait, I meant broken a dozen internet short series, sitcoms, stage pieces in support for the interpretive surrealist movement and after several attempts at video, got it together to write, create, film and edit a short film.

And then there was Frame By Frame… but before that, I was interviewing people for a short lived podcast not known as Over&Out.




Three ghostly devil related psychological horror films from three completely different eras. Chronologically, The Innocents came out in 1961, the Amityville Horror in 1979 and Borderlands (international title, Final Prayer), 2013.
We aimed to do something a little different, looking at the angle of Amityville from a perspective of whether or not the actual house is the only attraction there is to find in Amityvlle. We found other things to do. The Innocents proved to be a film that set the bench mark in creepy kid cinema, but is not spoken of in any sense of the word, classic or otherwise. The Borderlands is one of those more recent happenings that also deserves attention, albeit not for the usual tear and share comments we would have for “found footage movies” but on merit that keeps things relative and realistic to the end. So sit tight, keep the light on and enjoy.



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