The Shining: How did they miss that?


So a review on Amazon claims that the Overlook overlooked the winter opportunities that were, “The skiing industry.” That might be true, but what if the slopes and peaks of nearby mountains were not safe and therefore no skiing business could be had. Perhaps in the other side of the mountains, there were seven hotels catering for the only skiing resorts available. Put simply, the Overlook was not in the right place. It’s like the shop at the end of a busy shopping mall, tucked too far away that nobody ever sees it.

I can make excuses, and this guy may be right. It does make an interesting quandary. Should it have been open for business?

You can also argue that the Overlook had other forces behind it that made it not for tourists out of the warmer seasons. Never be around haunted snow, right?

While we’re on the topic: in the spirit of “prove me right, prove me wrong,” I found out this year that:

1: I’m no flower expert but I have spoken to several people, showing images with them to confirm that… are you ready for this? Those weren’t geraniums in ET: The Extra Terrestrial. They were “chrysanthemums”. (Geraniums are many little flowers bunched together. What we saw in ET were singular flowers per stem.) – trust me. I was gutted, but let’s say that there are many species in the geranium family and one of those look like chrysanthemums? Okay… maybe not.


2: In Home Alone, the aftershave wouldn’t sting Kevin’s face unless he had already started shaving. Something to do with the pours already being open when you start shaving. Andy (of Frame By Frame fame) supposes that maybe a little aftershave went into his eye instead. More than once. Because Kevin is THAT consistent.


3: Dinosaurs apparently had feathers. All of them? even the reptiles? So there goes Jurassic Park. I checked the bible, and there were no mentions of feathers… (okay, that was a creationist joke.)


I hope that doesn’t ruin everything for you.



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